Welcome to Kumigashira Lab!!

Welcome to our group's webpage.

We aim to reveal the electronic states of strongly correlated transition metal oxide thin films by using synchrotron radiation light source.

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News and Updates

16 April Our paper is accepted to Appl. Phys. Lett. (1st Author is Dr. Sakai).

15 April We published our group's webpage!!

2 April Dr. Kobayashi won the budget (Wakate B, Kaken-hi). Congratulations!!

1 April Dr. Minohara joined as assistant professor in our lab.
Mr. Mitsuhashi also joined as a student.

October Ms. Kitamura was adopted as the JSPS fellowship (DC2). Congratulations!!

17 October First Beam of new BL-2 in KEK-PF passed.

1 July The build-up of new BL-2 in KEK-PF starts.

April Kumigashira won the budget (Kiban B, Kaken-hi).