Oxide Heterostructure Project

- Observation and control of novel quantum phenomena in superstructures of strongly correlated oxides -

The goal of the project is to design the novel physical properties appearing at the heterointerface of strongly correlated oxide. The physical properties arise from strong mutual coupling among the spin, charge, and orbital degrees of freedom in the interface region between two different oxides. Thus, in order to control the novel physical properties, it is desired to obtain the knowledge of the interfacial electronic, magnetic, and orbital structures. For this purpose, we utilize the shynchrotron radiation spectroscopic techniques having the elemental selectivity, which enable us to probe these structures in the nm-scale region at the oxide heterointerface. For example, the electronic structure at the interface is determined by photoemission spectroscopy (PES) and x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), the magnetic structure by magnetic circular dichroism of XAS, and the orbital structure by linear dicroism of XAS. We aim to design and create the novel quantum materials by the best possible combination of sophisticated oxide growth techniques using laser molecular beam epitaxy and advanced analysis techniques using quantum beam.